Every Saturday in October, we are either going to be praying or worshiping. The first FOUR Saturdays (3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th) is #SURGE – A call to prayer. This is a prayer initiative in which over 28 ministers from all around the world will be praying with you. It involves 7 hours of prayer from 6am to 1pm. It will primarily focus on prayers for:

          • the nations
          • the persecuted Christians all over the world
          • healing and restoration

Live prayer requests will also be received or can be sent anonymously to sli.do using the code #SURGE. We hope you join us and by God’s grace you will be blessed.

The final Saturday in October (31st) is our annual Call to Worship. We also have worship leaders from all around the world. This year will be our 13th year and by the grace of God it gets better every year.

Join us online on either our Facebook (@placeofvictorybelfast) or YouTube (@pvnbelfast) and don’t forget to invite your friends, family and even coworkers.

Its going to be an awesome time,

See you then!

God bless.

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