About PVN

Who We Are?

We are a community of believers from diverse backgrounds, passionate about Christ and people.

We believe that everyone has a God-given purpose and we strive to be a place where that purpose is realized and fulfilled. A place of nurture and encouragement and a place to express and further develop talents and gifts. We are committed to the all-round growth and development of the individual as we continue to draw our influence from the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just as the Church was multi-cultural and multi-national at its conception many centuries ago, so we are today in the Place of Victory for all Nations. With many nationalities in our growing membership, the chord of unity that binds us together is strong and evident in our expression of love for each other and our community. We are therefore a place where strong friendships are formed and a deep sense of belonging is quickly cultivated.

Place of Victory for All Nations (PVN) is a place where lives are being transformed and nurtured for the release of potentials and the fulfilment of God-given purpose, thereby raising a new generation of disciples for Christ.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Place of Victory for all Nations, a place for you and your family.


We are a Parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), a worldwide Christian mission established in 1952. RCCG’s mission is to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world. In the UK, there are over 800 parishes, PVN being one of them. PVN was established in Belfast in 2006 by Pastor Felix Makanjuola, the Pastor of Place of Victory London. In 2007, Pastor Chris and his wife Pastor Angela were commissioned to pastor this Parish.


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