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Family Matters are pleased to host a Conference themed Dysfunctional. The family is a very unique and powerful institution created by God in the beginning, and His plan has always been to have us exist within a functional family where we can thrive. It's worthy of note that Jesus did not just appear on the earth, but was Himself born into a family. 


Satan's agenda has always been to make families dysfunctional. In this conference, we will address the following:


1. What does a dysfunctional family look like?

2. What  does a functional family look like?

3. How do we create and maintain a functional family?

We believe that family is a gift from God and this event will provide an opportunity for single and married adults to come together and gain valuable insights on building strong family relationships. 

you are a significant part of your family

Join us for a day of conversations on various matters relating to family . 


Q&A | Drama | Information session | Financial security | Life insurance


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