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Your decision to follow Jesus will be the most significant one you will ever make. This is the start of the most important journey of your life. 


Jesus stepped into human history over 2,000 years ago. He lived for 33 years, fully God and fully man. He is the son of God and came to bring peace to a world at war with itself. 

Jesus chose to sacrifice Himself on the cross so that whoever believes in Him could have eternity with Him in heaven. He took on the weight of all the wrong + darkness humanity had ever created and stood in the gap for us to be seen as pure and blameless in the sight of God.

Jesus taught us how to live by faith, be known by love, and be a voice of hope to the world. 

His life proved to us that: 

Your future is on the other side of your failures.

Your greatness is on the other side of your pain.

Your freedom is on the other side of your fear.

No matter who you are, what you’ve done, no matter where you were born or the colour of your skin, Jesus is the way for you to have a relationship with God. Everybody’s invited. Everybody’s included. Everybody’s important.

If you think you’re an exception to the rule, you’re wrong. Jesus loves you. Yes… YOU.


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